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February Newsletter

Make Up Yonda Farm a part of your winter! Check out what’s going on in the February newsletter. Click the photo to view the post. Then click Download to access the PDF version.

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Happy Holidays

The Friends of Up Yonda Farm wish everyone a joyous and safe holiday season. We thank you for your support this year and look forward to a brighter 2021.

Autumn Hiking

Take a hike this fall at Up Yonda Farm. It’s the best time to explore our trails and enjoy the foliage!

Click the image for a photo album and trail map.

A New View

A new viewing scope has recently been installed at the vista, compliments of the Friends of Up Yonda Farm. This will allow the public to get an enhanced view of Lake George. We’re dedicated to improving your visitor experience! Check out the new view as foliage season approaches!

Enjoy the view from one of our new benches.

Butterflies are back

Word is the Butterfly Garden will be open to the public soon. Check for details on how to visit. This photo was taken in August 2017, the first year of the new exhibit.

observation hive

The honey bee observation hive has been installed in the museum. After months of planning, this new exhibit should be opening soon. Stay tuned to find out when you’ll be be able to see the bees in action!

Responsible Beekeeping
Nice Job Up Yonda!

Interpretive Panel

The Friends would like to provide a new interpretive panel at the Lake George vista. This will allow everyone to identify the islands in The Narrows, and the mountains above the eastern shore. The current panel is over twenty years old and needs to be updated. This photo was taken in October of 2001. Thousands of visitors enjoy the vista every year!

Amazing view

The new benches donated by the Friends are getting used by visitors. It’s a great way to enjoy the vista! Be sure to try them out for yourself this summer and keep us posted.

Looking forward

The Friends would like to fund a sightseeing scope that would be located at the Lake George vista. This would improve the visitor experience at our favorite overlook. This photo is indicative of the type of scope that would be installed at Up Yonda. No quarters will be needed.