Meet the Friends

After months of effort, the Friends of Up Yonda Farm, a volunteer, not for profit group, is an established organization. Please read our letter of introduction in this post for more details.

Dear Friend of Up Yonda Farm,

What do you remember most about your last trip to Up Yonda Farm in Bolton Landing?  Did you visit the educational museum, the butterfly house; the sensory garden?  Did you hike the trails up the hill to gaze at the beautiful vista of Lake George?  Up Yonda Farm is a Warren County gem.  

Now there’s a new chapter in Up Yonda history.  The Friends of Up Yonda Farm, Inc. is a volunteer organization committed to raising funds to supplement programming at Up Yonda Farm.  It is a tax exempt, certified, not for profit corporation with 501(c)(3) charitable status.

The Friends will be providing a composter to Up Yonda to be used for gardening and educational classes on the benefits of composted soils.  Future projects include funding a sightseeing scope to be installed at the top of the meadow for enhanced lake views; a new bee hive demonstration area; and solar projects to defray Up Yonda’s electrical costs as well as educate visitors to the benefits of solar energy.  Your donation will help defray the costs of these items.

Please visit our website ( to learn more about the projects the Friends will be instituting in the near future as well as how to donate to or volunteer with our organization.

See you at Up Yonda Farm. Lydia Hall, Susan Wilson, Judy Killeen, Sue Heusner

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