Looking back

In 2019, an info booth was set up at the Bolton Farmer’s Market and at the Lake George Land Conservancy’s Family Day, to provide information to the community and visitors about Up Yonda Farm and the Friends. Check back to see where we will show up next.

Highlights from the Last Year

  • Using a grant provided by the Warren County Soil & Water Conservation District, a worm composter was purchased for Up Yonda Farm; and, with our help, a donation of an industrial sized composter was received from a local business. These will help to reduce waste at the Farm and produce healthy compost for the gardens. Most importantly, these will serve as tools for the farm’s educational programs. 
  • Multiple pairs of children’s binoculars and magnifying glasses were purchased for use by students and visitors to Up Yonda Farm.
  • Over 200 pumpkins were purchased for attendees of Up Yonda Farms annual “Trunk or Treat” event in October.
  • Special give-away items were provided to supplement the “Campfire Chats” that were held at Up Yonda Farm as part of their summer programming.

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