Survival Program for Kids

Hug-a-tree program dates at Up Yonda Farm: July 19 at 10am and Aug 11at 1pm.

This special program is sponsored by the Friends of Up Yonda Farm.  It will be presented by “LASAR” – Lower Adirondack Search and Rescue. It is geared to kids ages 6-11. The program is provided free of charge as part of LASAR’s commitment to public education. The program is approximately 30 to 40 minutes long. Don’t miss it!

Meet a real search dog and learn how our four-legged friends help to find lost humans. There are demonstrations on signaling for help using a whistle and reflector, as well as how to stay dry and warm using a simple garbage bag. The program provides children with safety tips such as staying in one place by using trees, and how to be big and be noticed when people are looking for them.

Inspired by a search for a nine year old boy many years ago in southern California, the Hug A Tree program was developed to teach children how to survive in the woods if they become lost. Many children are alive today because they learned how to take care of themselves through the Hug A Tree program.

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